Monday, 30 March 2015

The Inquiry Process

We have just started an "Intensive" Dr. Suess Inquiry Project that will replace some of our literacy programme, along with the already designated 'Topic' afternoon slots, during our final week of Term 1 - and if necessary (in order to ensure our work ins quality and not rushed) the first week of Term 2.

The first step for the children was to be introduced to the difference between "Skinny, closed" questions and "Fat, open" ones - the latter being better to encourage research, and deeper understanding in our learning e.g. 'Where was Dr. Suess born?' is not as valuable a learning question as 'How has Dr. Suess' style of writing impacted on the learning of children in New Zealand? Explain.'

We also discussed the Inquiry/Research Process and what that looks like discussing the fact that we are currently at Stage 1: Deciding/Planning.

Watch this space for our outcomes and evaluations/reflections!

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